3 Ways to be More Productive And Accelerate Your Career

William Aruba posted the following suggestions for better productivity on LinkedIn:

1. Minimize meetings when you can; make the most of them when you can’t – meetings are incredibly expensive and they burn tons of valuable employee time. Face to face meetings with co-workers are great. Email is a great way to share information.

2. Avoid multi-tasking like the plague. Turning off text and email notifications can remove the temptation to look at your phone or click away from the task at hand.

3. Get more done by taking more breaks. Advancing your career is all about working smarter, not harder.
Travis Bradberry, co-founder of TalentSmart, researcherd the work-to-break ratio in an actual workplace and found that employees work 100% focused on the task at hand for about an hour. A short break after an hour helped them dive back in refreshed for another hour of productive work.

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