21 Phrases to Use When Dealing With Difficult Behavior

David Geurin posted an excellent article on LinkedIn with 21 phrases that can deal with difficult behavior in students, children, employees, or family for whoever is in a leadership position. They are as follows:
Set A Positive Tone
1. “I will never intentionally disrespect you.”
2. “I believe in you.”
3. “I won’t give up on you.”
4. “Let’s work together to solve this.”
Address the Issue
5. “I was puzzled when you …”
6. “What do we do here when …”
7. “What should you have done differently?”
8. “How did you intend for that to make ____________ feel?”
9. “How did you feel at the time?”
10. “That seemed upsetting to you.”
11. “I hear what you are saying. I’m listening.”
12. “Is it possible that …?”
Decide on a Path Forward
13. “What should you do when __________________?”
14. “What will you do next time?”
15. “When will you do it?”
16. “What do you need to do now to make this right?”
17. “Would you like to _____________ or _____________ ?”
18. “Can I count on you to do that?”
19. “Okay, but in case you don’t, what do you think are fair consequences?”
Reflect On The Conversation
20. “What’s your understanding of what we decided together?”
21. “Do you feel that you’ve been treated fairly?”

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