20 Ways Our Children Can Start Saving the Earth Today

I love this list of ways to start saving the earth sent to me by Gavin McCormack.

1. No paper at all is to be thrown away. Every piece must be reused!
2. All lights must be turned off when possible.
3. No plastic wrapped things must be brought to school, no matter what.
4. Only buy what you need.
5. Plant a tree once a week.
6. Walk or cycle to school.
7. Choose alternative meals.
8. Plastic bags are a big no-no!
9. Pick up any rubbish to and from school.
10. Compost all natural foods and use to grow vegetables.
11. Prepare a talk about climate change.
12. Use your voice and write a letter to your local politicians.
13. Make posters about climate change.
Use water bottles instead of plastic bottles.
14. Remember that small changes can make a big difference!

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