Parenting And The EGO

Oprah Winfrey, in The Wisdom of Sundays, interviews Dr. Shefali Tsabary who talks about how much we as parents are totally in our EGO when we become parents. When our children make mistakes, we think its our fault. When they do well, we think its our brilliant parenting! Tsabary states the following:
“The way the parenting paradigm has been set up is just designed for even a greater boost of ego than I’ve ever seen in any other relationship. And how does the ego sound? It’s my. It’s I. Correct? We start talking like this. I, as a parent; my child. Right? The possession. The ownership. It’s inherent. That’s why I love this relationship, because it’s such a trick from the Universe. You know? The Universe gives you children. It says they’re yours. So it seduces you into thinking, It’s mine. You have to call them mine. Right? I’m not wrong in saying mine….”
As a parent and grandparent myself, I know this EGO from first hand experience. However, we need to realize that we only borrow them for a while and they need to feel empowered to solve their own problems and create their own journey. This is partly why I started my new and evolving different business with Summit Consulting. We as parents can form an ego-ectomy (Wayne Dyer term) and use the skills of Mindful Leadership as I show in my teachables. All the best.

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