18 Random Acts of Kindness to Try Today

I read the following on a post on Facebook this morning and love the ideas of how to do random acts of kindness daily.

1. Pay a thoughtful compliment to a stranger.
2. Write a letter to a hospitalized neighbour.
3. Pop a coin into an expired parking meter.
4. Help someone with a baby stroller get up the stairs where there is no elevator.
5. Pay for a stranger’s coffee.
6. Donate blood.
7. Donate to a stranger’s medical fundraiser.
8. Write a letter to management extolling an employee’s good service.
9. Give your scarf to someone who looks cold.
10. Pay for someone’s groceries.
11. Let a parent with a cranky child go before you in line.
12. Offer your seat to someone standing on public transportation.
13. Write a thank you note to someone who taught you something.
14. Give your shoes to a shoeless person.
15. Rake a neighbour’s lawn or shovel his sidewalk.
16. Introduce yourself to a stranger who you often cross paths with.
17. Praise someone for a thankless job well done.
18. And don’t forget the basics: Help people who’ve dropped things, hold doors and elevators open for people, and help slow walkers cross the street.

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