17 Signs You Are Stepping Towards Success

I know that we all want to be successful in whatever we endeavour to do. In one of the articles I read on LinkedIn last week, I read the following about the signs of success even when we don’t feel like we are successful.
1. You’re facing your fears and winning.
2. You’ve accepted that failure is part of self-growth and that’s positive.
3. You believe in the power of focusing today.
4. You realize you can’t please everyone all the time.
5. You accentuate the positive thoughts in your mind.
6. You’ve stopped judging and blaming others.
7. You’ve started pursuing the things you’re passionate about.
8. You take time to be grateful every day.
9. You avoid busyness and focus on effectiveness.
10. You set yourself a goal to achieve every day.
11. You try to see positives in each setback or difficulty.
12. You’ve acknowledged that you don’t need to be perfect.
13. You are aware that building self-confidence is a key to success.
14. You give away smiles regularly – it’s a habit.
15. You’ve built up a support group of family and friends.
16. You’re doing what you want to do in life because you’re in control.
17. You consistently factor recreational activities into your routines.

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