12 Things That Successful Leaders Never Tolerate

Lolly Daskal posted an article that inspired me and hopefully will inspire you. She states that by and large, tolerance is a good trait. The differences we encounter enrich our lives and organizations. But to attain a successful life and meaningful leadership, we must refuse to tolerate the things that deplete and ultimately destroy us.
These things are intolerable in yourself and others around you:

1. Dishonesty
Dishonesty imposes a false reality on your life and those around you.

2. Boredom
Life is too short for a false reality on your life and those around you.

3. Mediocrity
What makes some people stand out is their willingness to make the hard choices that allow a life of greatness.

4. Negativity
If you hear yourself complaining, out loud or to yourself, find a way to shut it down.

5. Toxicity
Toxicity literally makes you sick. If it doesn’t feel right, makes you tired, or fills you with dread, count yourself loose.

6. Disorganization
Get rid of what you don’t need and keep everything else where it belongs.

7. Unhealthy anything
Unhealthy food, unhealthy relationship, unhealthy habits must not happen! Remind yourself that you deserve better.

8. Regrets
Learn from your past, right any wrongs where you can and leave it behind.

9. Disrespect
Relationships are at the heart of success and respect is at the heart of good relationships.

10. Distrust
Focus on building your own integrity and surround yourself with others who do the same.

11. Anger
Holding on to anger is paralyzingly and accomplishes nothing. Learn to direct anger towards problems not people.

12. Control
Focus your energy where it can do good and learn to let go of the rest.

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