11 Habits of Supremely Happy People

Dr. Travis Bradberry posted the following article of 11 habits of supremely happy people:
1. They slow down to appreciate life’s little pleasures – taste of their meal, amazing conversations, or a breath of fresh air.
2. They exercise – Regularly, even 10 minutes a day.
3. They spend money on other people.
4. They surround themselves with the right people – this builds confidence, stimulates creativity, and it’s flat-out fun.
5. They stay positive. Gratitude finders, find solutions to problems and move on.
6. They get enough sleep. Sleep literally recharges your brain, removing toxic proteins, helping you wake up alert and clear-headed.
7. They have deep conversations. These conversations feel good, builds emotional connections and are interesting for learning.
8. They help others. Helping others gives you a surge of oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine creating good feelings.
9. They make an effort to be happy. Happy people constantly evaluate their moods and make decisions with their happiness in mind.
10. They do things in person whenever possible.
11. They have a growth mindset. We can all improve. This attitude helps us be better at handling difficult situations – embrace challenges and learn!

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