July 11, 2018

What Is A Paradigm?

A Paradigm is your perception, point of view, or the way you see the world. Have you ever had a disagreement with someone else and could NOT understand how he/she could see things the way they do? My husband and I often have had such different opinions. Just today, a few moments ago, we had such a different perception about protecting our small tomato plants in the garden. You see, we’ve had very strong winds and heavy rain in Winnipeg for the last two days and these winds knocked off 3 of our small tomato plants. So, I went out and purchased 3 more tomato plants, but wanted to protect them from such winds in the future.

My Mom, who was an amazing Gardner in her day, always protected her tomato plants with wooden shingles. I have a clear picture in my mind of what that shelter looked like. But my husband, Alan, did not ever see such a tomato protector, so did not have the same point of view as I did. We argued for a while until we came up with a win-win idea. He’s out there now, building 6 shelters for my 6 plants! It took some time to change each of our perceptions, but we did not give up until we saw eye-to-eye! Now we are both happy gardener’s!



  • In your classroom, small groups, in a business, or family, discuss each other’s examples of experiencing different paradigms and/or existing different perceptions and try to find win-win agreements. Please be courageous and courteous and patient! It is so much fun to think creatively and then give each other high fives!


I would love to hear your stories! Send them to me or post them on my blog!