June 21, 2018

Remember, A Big Ear

Have you ever heard the saying that there is enough water in the ocean for everyone to have their fair share. It doesn’t have to be a contest! Everyone can be winners! Nowadays, and probably since the beginning of time, people use a “High Five” signal for each other when they do well! I’ve seen this sign used by all age groups, in schools, sports events, businesses, families, you name it, everywhere! So, why is there still so much competition everywhere! We have a strange way of cheering when both teams win, but still are fighting to be The Winner! What’s that about? Covey says, “Instead of stepping on other people (Win-Lose) or being a doormat (Lose-Win), you’re always thinking of ways for both sides to get what they want.” Yes, there will always be a place for healthy competition in business, sports, etc. But why do we feel there has to be a competition in our relationships? “When it comes to making important decisions around choosing good friends, dating intelligently, and getting along with your parents, a Win-Win spirit is a must.”


  1. Today, try to do as many “High Fives” as you can. Then at the end of the day record when you ”High Fived” someone and try to increase the times each day. Have fun!
  2. Record how many times you competed with someone today. What were you competing for? Which was more fun, competing or “High Fiving?”
  3. Do you find yourself being more in Win-Lose situations or more in Lose-Win situations? Get a buddy to help guide you to be more in Win-Win situations than the others! Keep track! Strive to always be your Best!