May 29, 2018

Quality World Lesson

When we say, “quality world,” we are referring to respectful relationships in our world, life. Teaching children/students about their quality world pictures is a very important lesson so that they can understand that we make mistakes and have conflict with others because we have different pictures of things that make us happy. Many teachers have told me that there are a lot of conflicts between students because most kids/students want to win at sports.


Lesson 1:

Read a children’s story about kids having conflicts and then discuss what each of the characters’ pictures are and what they are trying to do to solve their problems/conflicts with a win/lose or win/win strategy.


Lesson 2:

Do role plays with students getting into conflicts and once more, have them do the role plays with a win/lose and win/win strategy.


Lesson 3:

Make up “Me Bags” or “Me Boxes” with pictures of each child’s quality world, the world they have that makes them happy. Then share them with each other.  For older students have them fill out a silhouette with how they meet each of their 5 basic needs. These can be shared and displayed on the bulletin board inside or outside of the classroom.