July 11, 2018

Keep Hope Alive

“Several years ago, the Reverend Jesse Jackson spoke at the Democratic National Convention. He delivered a powerful message that set the convention on fire. He used only three words: “Keep hope alive. Keep hope alive! KEEP HOPE ALIVE! He kept saying these same words over and over and over for what seemed forever. The crowd swelled with applause. You could feel the sincerity in his voice. He inspired everyone. He created hope.”

- Sean Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effect People



  1. In groups of 2 - 6, discuss the words, “KEEP HOPE ALIVE” and create a list of situations in your group that would improve if you were able to accomplish them. E.g. improve relationships, find solutions to problems, reach each of your full potentials, etc. Create a presentation about your group’s lists and/or a few role plays for your class or school.
  2. Discuss the phrase, “KEEP HOPE ALIVE” with your friends, sports team, family, or any group you are part of. Once more, create a plan about the things you could improve to be more effective as a team, and make a plan. Post this plan some place that you will all see regularly and review once a month.