July 12, 2018

Habit 6: Teamwork and Synergy (for teens)

Great teams are usually made up of 5 or more different types of people, with each member playing a different but important role. Notice the following descriptors which are so similar to our unique differences as human beings, bringing diversity and harmony to teamwork.

  • PLODDERS (Power) - Sure and steady, they stick a job until it’s done.
  • FOLLOWERS (Belonging and Freedom) - They are very supportive of leaders. If they hear a great idea, they can run with it.
  • INNOVATORS (Freedom) - They are the creative, the idea people. They offer the sparks.
  • HARMONIZERS (Belonging and Power) - They provide unity and support and are great synergizers as they work with others and encourage   cooperation.
  • SHOW-OFFS (Fun) - Fun to work with, they can be tough at times. They often add the spice and momentum needed to bring the team overall success.



  • This week look around you and notice how much synergy is going on all around you, such as two hands working together, Teamwork, symbiotic relationships in nature, and creative problem solving. Journal what you notice each day.
  • Create a chart of the above 5 Descriptors. Under each column, write the names of students in your classroom, your family, your sports team, etc. Work in groups or individually. Post on a wall in your home, classroom, or community centre.