May 29, 2018

Habit 6: Synergy

The world is fast becoming a great melting pot of cultures, races, religions and ideas. Since this diversity around you is ever increasing, you’ve got an important decision to make regarding how you’re going to handle it. There are three possible approaches you can take:

  1. Shun diversity
  2. Tolerate diversity
  3. Celebrate diversity

Shunner’s profile: They are afraid of differences. They even join gangs, cliques, or anti-groups because there’s strength in numbers.

Tolerator’s profile: They believe that everyone has the right to be different, so they don’t shun diversity, but they don’t embrace it either. They say, “You keep to yourself and I’ll keep to myself.” They see diversity as a problem they don’t want to solve.

Celebrator’s profile: They celebrate differences. They value them and realize that it’s great that we have different people in the world because diversity leads to creative sparks to opportunity.


  1. When you see someone wearing clothes that are not like the norm, do you value their unique style, or do you think they’re “out of touch with reality?
  2. When you meet someone with different religious beliefs than yours, do you respect their beliefs, or do you think they’re a bunch of weirdos?
  3. If you meet someone who lives on a different side of town than you do, do you feel scared of them, label them, or do you try to learn from them?
  4. When you meet a classmate or neighbor with a disability or impairment, do you feel sorry for them or avoid them or greet them and try to get to know them?
  5. Keep track of how many different diversities you meet in a week and each time, get acquainted by asking them about themselves and telling them about you. Then report to your class either orally, written, or pictures.