July 11, 2018

Habit 2: Create a Vision

Habit 2 is one of the most important habits we all should have in our daily habits. It is the force that guides people in the direction they want to go. Without Habit 2, we would be like a sail buffeting in the wind swaying back and forth, rarely getting what we want out of our journey. Or like a tourist without a plan or map, not likely having a very satisfying trip. Covey calls Habit 2 a road map. I call it a mission statement. Our family’s mission statement is “The Hargrave Family lives lovingly, laughs often, pitches in, and is accountable for each of our actions.” Then I have my own mission statement hanging on my bathroom mirror which I refer to whenever I’m in the bathroom.



  • I challenge you to create your own personal, family, business, or classroom mission statement. A mission statement is something that is about what we believe, how we treat each other, our purpose, our plan of our journey individually or together with others. Can you imagine how much more fun and productive our life would be if we all had such mission statements, begin with the end in mind?