June 21, 2018

Getting to Know Each Other Games A – Plum Village Children

A) Action Circle Game (Energy Level – Moderate-High, All ages)

Form a circle either in a room or outside, sitting on the grass. One child, Timmy, goes around the circle with a leaf in his hand. Timmy should try to walk mindfully around the circle. The other kids sing, “Timmy walks mindfully, Timmy walks mindfully,” repeat again and again.

Timmy puts leaf (if possible without being noticed) behind the child of his choice. No one is allowed to look behind until Timmy starts to run. Then everyone is allowed to look behind and the one who has got the leaf behind her ear has to take it and try to catch Timmy.

So, if the leaf is behind Vicky; Timmy has to reach her position before Vicky catches her. Vicky’s aim is to catch Timmy before he reaches her empty seat. If Timmy reaches her position, Vicky is the next child to go around. If Vicky catches Timmy, Timmy has to go around again and Vicky gets her seat back. It would be good to encourage children to make sure everyone gets a chance to be it.