June 28, 2015

About Us

Ruth Hargrave – CEO/Consultant

Ruth HargraveRuth Hargrave is a trainer/facilitator, mentor and consultant for educators, parents and caregivers and students.

  • presently self-employed, consulting and providing workshops.
  • Ruth has taught students from K-9, specializing in English Language Arts, Guidance Counselling and Behavior Intervention with the Louis Riel S.D.
  • She is presently consulting and mentoring in several schools in the St. James-Assiniboia S.D., supporting the implementation of Mindfulness to educators, in the classrooms and presenting role plays in assemblies and to parents.

1. Workshop Locations

– Manitoba, B.C., Nunavut, Alberta, Saskatchewan, U.S, India, Greece and Argentina

2. Workshops

-Mindfulness, Student Leadership, Restitution and Control Theory, Developmental Therapy/Teaching (DTT), and Group Theraplay – Taking Care of Each Other (TCEO)

3. Training/Coaching opportunities:

1) Personal (One to One) mentorship
2) Small Group mentorship
3) Large Group training

Leadership training is specially for those who want to empower others in their personal lives, business, and education.

Leadership Workshops may include the following concepts, depending on the group’s needs & amount of time available.

– Creating a Vision

– Habits of Successful Leadership

– Skills of Successful Relationships

– Conflict Resolution Skills

– Vision And Best Practices

– Student Leadership Qualities/Training

– The Brain & Learning

– Empowerment And Growth

– Effective Communication

– Effective Collaboration & Teamwork

– Our Community of True Power

– The Power of Intention

– Fear & Love – The difference

Mindfulness is specifically for students, teachers, educational assistants, parents, managers, and entrepreneurs and would benefit anyone who wants to have some life altering insights for themselves and their families and colleagues.

Mindfulness Topics may include the following:

– Practicing Mindfulness Activities

– Meditation

– Children & Mindfulness Lessons

– Adults & Mindfulness Lessons/Activities

– Families & Mindfulness Lessons/Activities

– Benefits of Mindfulness in any Organization

– Love & Power & Intention


Alan Hargrave – Finacial Advisor & Accountant

Alan has over 40 years of experience as a Business Manager, and Senior Administrator. He joined Summit Consulting as part of a team dedicated to helping Summit Consulting continue to evolve, and improve.