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Ruth Hargrave – Consultant/Workshop Trainer

Ruth HargraveRuth Hargrave is a trainer/facilitator for educators, parents and caregivers. Ruth is presently self-employed, consulting and providing workshops. Ruth has taught students from K-9, specializing in English Language Arts, Guidance Counselling and Behavior Intervention with the Louis Riel S.D. She is presently consulting and mentoring in several schools in the St. James-Assiniboia S.D., supporting the implementation of Restitution in the classrooms and presenting role plays in assemblies. She also enjoys educating teachers, parents, and K-12 students in schools throughout the province of Manitoba.

She has been the president and professional development chair of the Manitoba School Guidance Counsellors (MSCA) executive. Ruth has given workshops and presentations to numerous school staffs and parent groups throughout Manitoba, B.C., Nunavut, Saskatchewan, U.S, Europe and Asia. She has taught courses on Restitution and Control Theory, Developmental Therapy/Teaching (DTT), and provided training for Group Theraplay – Taking Care of Each Other (TCEO) and Student Leadership Training. In her years as a Guidance Counsellor, she discovered the philosophy and concepts of Restitution/Control Theory and DTT which were instrumental in facilitating successful learning and problem solving for many challenging situations. She used Theraplay as an intervention program to support and guide parents and teachers whose children are struggling to succeed in the school systems.

Through her workshops, people learn how to teach students to become more self-reliant, responsible and intrinsically motivated. Her workshops are enjoyable & meaningful and include many interactive and personalizing opportunities for the participants. Restitution and Control Theory are specifically for students, teachers, educational assistants and parents and would benefit anyone who wants to have some life altering insights for themselves and their families and colleagues.