Change the Way You Think About It!

If you want to change an unpleasant activity for yourself, experiment with shifting your perception. If you go to an event you are dreading, decide in advance if you are going to do it to avoid discomfort, to please someone else, or to be the person you want to be – caring, responsible, committed. … […]

5 Basic Needs We Behave For

We are all trying to be happy!  In order to be happy, we need to meet each of our 5 basic needs.  They are Love & Belonging – the need to feel connected, included, a part of a group, friendship, loved, that sense of belonging Power – the need to feel successful, competent, capable, confident […]

My Job/Your Job

My Job/Your Job is an activity to do with teacher/students, your own children/parents at home, principals/vice-principals/secretaries, educational assistant/student(s), or any place where you want to clarify what each of the jobs/roles of the positions are.  It is an activity that is done with both partners where there is a discussion of whose job is what […]

Why Create a Social Contract

Why create a social contract in a family? To plan how we will treat each other as a family, based on our beliefs by basing our behavior on our internal pictures we create with each other. When rules are created for children, they generally consider them the adults’ ways of trying to control them even […]