Mindful Education

Would you like your students/children to be more?

  • Responsible
  • Intrinsically Motivated
  • Confident
  • Prepared for Conflict Resolution in Relationships?

Mindful Education benefits the following:

  • To Be Responsible for Their Own Behavior rather than blaming others, avoiding or quilting others for their behavior
  • To Be Responsible for Their Own Learning
  • To Self-manage behavior by understanding why we behave as we do
  • How to Fix Their Mistakes and Return to the Group Strengthened
  • Conflict Resolution Strategies
  • How to Meet Their Needs in Up and Clean Ways Rather Than Down and Dirty Ways – Hence – less need for Bullying!
  • Teamwork
  • About Relationship Building
  • To Set Goals and Create Plans and to Self-Evaluate
  • Become Intrinsically Motivated to Learn and Be the Kind of Person They Want to Be
  • Make an Agreement with their class about How They will Treat Each Other and How They Will Learn Together
  • To Agree Upon a Job Description for themselves and the Teacher

When Students learn the above strategies, Teachers/Parents will De-Stress & Become More Energized and Successful.

Socially Responsible Critical Thinkers