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Restitution/Control Theory Developmental Therapy-Teaching Taking Care of Each Other Student Leadership

“With Restitution, incidents of violence have dropped and our jobs are easier and more satisfying!”

Patrick Palan, Assistant Principal
Roosevelt High School
Minneapolis, Minnesota

“If it isn’t fun, it isn’t Restitution!”

Joel Shimoji & Lyle Morris
High School Math Teachers
Louis Riel School Division,
Winnipeg, Manitoba

“Never before have we entered a district where the readiness for change among the teachers and the self direction of students was so established. Restitution enabled us to move directly into more advanced stages of Integrated Thematic Instruction.”

Nicole McNeil – Miller, CEO
Susan Kovalik & Associates

“ Restitution – a sensible way of working with students to solve problems.”

Alfie Kohn, author of Punished by Rewards

“ Restitution helps students make the right choices from within. It is learning rather than teaching.”

Bryant Christenson, Teacher
Isle High School, MN

“ Helping students learn more effective behaviors for fulfilling their basic psychological needs should be a major goal for all schools. Restitution helps students learn a better way.”

Dr. Albert Mamary, Former Superintendent
Johnson City Schools, NY

“ It’s amazing how dramatically the discipline problems went away.”

Leonard Mayo
Hillsborough, North Carolina

“No longer am I the person in charge of (the students”) misbehavior. They are responsible for it. They handle it. They deal with it. My kids are now not as impulsive in doing things.”

Nafiskas McClain, Special Education Teacher
North Carolina

“ I think restitution is a much more psychologically sound approach. We give ourselves, as adults, lots of opportunities for making things right. I think it’s important for children to have those same opportunities. It’s much more fair and much more self-esteem building.”

Marge Grossfeld, Teacher
North Carolina

“This is an economic and visually appealing training program… It conveys the concepts of teaching responsibility to students.”

Joan Redalen, Director of Instruction
Marshalltown Community School District
Marshalltown, Iowa

“ I was considering taking early retirement when I rediscovered Glasser’s ideas being implemented in the materials of Diane Gossen…These practical approaches to self-discipline work really well. They can change your life. I’m staying in education for the long haul.”

Carolyn Bond Morrison, Executive Assistant
Raleigh Technical Assistance Center
North Carolina Department of Public Instruction


What is Restitution Control Theory?
Benefits of Restitution for Teachers/Parents

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