Amazing Book

The Wisdom of Sundays by Oprah Winfrey

Excerpts of interviews Oprah has had (Life-changing insights from super soul conversations.
“Your spirit is the part of you that is seeking meaning and purpose. That’s one way someone can relate to that. Another way to understand spirit is that it’s the part of you that is drawn to hope, that will not give in to despair. The part of you that has to believe in goodness; that has to believe in something more.” Caroline Moss

Elizabeth Lesser:“Spirituality is an instinct. You know we have our instincts to eat and to sleep, and to work and survive, and thrive that way. But we also have a spiritual instinct. It’s really inside every person. That’s why religions were formed, to respond to that instinct, to know that life has meaning, to know that we are connected to everything, and to have that child-like sense of wonder that we were put here to enjoy the gift of life.”
Oprah: “Yes, Spirituality is that yearning for something more, that desire that is seeking something higher than your mind and your body.”

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