5 Basic Needs We Behave For

We are all trying to be happy!  In order to be happy, we need to meet each of our 5 basic needs.  They are

Love & Belonging – the need to feel connected, included, a part of a group, friendship, loved, that sense of belonging

Power – the need to feel successful, competent, capable, confident in different skills

Freedom – the need to be able to make healthy choices, have independence, think creatively, take risks

Fun – the need for laughter, enjoyment, play, pleasurable learning

Survival – the need for safety, good health, basic needs of the body, rest, shelter, clothing, water, air

If these five needs are met, we are happy.  If they are not met, we generally behave to meet those needs.  Each of us has one need that we are more intensely paying attention to.  For example, my strongest need is freedom.  I like to take risks, learn new things regularly and think big picture ideas.  What is your greatest intensity of the above needs besides survival.  The first four are what we call our psychological needs but survival is our physical need.

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