Change the Way You Think About It!

If you want to change an unpleasant activity for yourself, experiment with shifting your perception.  If you go to an event you are dreading, decide in advance if you are going to do it to avoid discomfort, to please someone else, or to be the person you want to be – caring, responsible, committed.  (It’s All About We, Diane Gossen p.27)

I had a situation as a guidance counsellor where I was doing a lot of volunteer work, helping our students on Friday nights with their monthly dances.  I often tried to recruit others to take my place without success.  When I began to feel resentful about doing all the work, I asked myself this question, “Why do I continue to volunteer when others don’t seem to have any inclination to help?” My answer was quick.  I believe that its important that school and community work together to raise our children and this was one way for me to help.  I was being the responsible, caring counsellor in the community that I felt I wanted to be.  After that, I did not feel any more resentment. Ask yourself, “Am I doing things because others expect it from me or am I doing these things because I am being the kind of person I want to be?”

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